like most dads

from team sullibin comix, made for Ronnie’s 2021 Christmas gift.

how do you fix the right wing kook problem?

i don’t want to be writing about mtg. or lauren boebert. even aoc! really, any particular congress critter. we are already so invested in individual personalities, we memeify them and make their tweets, press releases and policies and into competitive games. it’s a symptom of the west wing brain disease that puts celebrity worship near… Continue reading how do you fix the right wing kook problem?

coping thru memes

uniting the internet with one cold elderly man. last week was notable partly for the inauguration of Biden, but also for the extremely innocent image of one Bernard Montgomery Sanders sitting in his winter coat[1]yes he just has the one coat! that shouldn’t be weird and cozy handmade mittens going hella viral. i didn’t think… Continue reading coping thru memes