how do you fix the right wing kook problem?


i don’t want to be writing about mtg. or lauren boebert. even aoc! really, any particular congress critter.

we are already so invested in individual personalities, we memeify them and make their tweets, press releases and policies and into competitive games. it’s a symptom of the west wing brain disease that puts celebrity worship near the top of our maslow’s hierarchy. our country is worse off for it.

politicians are celebrities, and we love our celebs, don’t we folks? we put so much personal investment into people who are not our allies. celebrities have great class solidarity with other rich people. they are great at getting our attention, but generally pretty shit about having ideals or changing the status quo. love if this could change!!!

but really, we do need to talk about mtg. because if we don’t fucking change course she will be the next trump. not even two months into her term as a critter, it is clear[1]see: the snl skit, her growing donations that we’ve learned nothing.


1 see: the snl skit, her growing donations

coping thru memes


uniting the internet with one cold elderly man.

last week was notable partly for the inauguration of Biden, but also for the extremely innocent image of one Bernard Montgomery Sanders sitting in his winter coat[1]yes he just has the one coat! that shouldn’t be weird and cozy handmade mittens going hella viral.

i didn’t think it was such a big deal, and in the grand scheme of things, of course it isn’t. it’s a meme! but when i found myself making ‘shops of the senator several days later, i realized it had gone a little deeper.


1 yes he just has the one coat! that shouldn’t be weird

Managing Expectations

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how to make 2021 less like 2020

Joe Biden has not yet been officially sworn in, but his admin has found ways to temper our expectations early. Between his proposed cabinet picks [1]Now that he got his name recognition, Mayor Pete got to cash in his DNC chips for transportation secretary. Twitter troll Neera Tanden is up for OMB director. I will stop there, u get the point. and the diminishing stimulus amount [2]which is about 10% of what countries less afraid of socialism are doing for their public, it’s very clear the Biden Admin is planting its feet firmly in the relative safety of neolib territory.

It is important to have discourse around the typical Dem shittiness of this upcoming administration. But I am writing this to emphasize the need to refocus our attention locally.

The internet we currently occupy [3]thank u twitter, facebook, and instagram is setup such that the Big Stories that get Engagement are often linked to national politics. There is so much going on, it can be easy to miss what is happening right under our feet. I am very guilty of engaging in Too Much Discourse and too little community engagement. Writing this blog is a callout to myself, and anyone else as terminally online and cynical.

We will never make big gains nationally until the left can bring a sustained amount of attention to local matters. Everyone watched in horror as Nazis descended on the Capitol, but how many people were aware of what was happening to their state Capitol? There was violence and effigies across the country.

We are (rightly!) arguing about $1400 versus $2000 while in my fair city of Los Angeles: the city continues sweeps that put the unhoused at risk for COVID[4]we surpassed 1 million cases lol fuck, a black woman was assaulted at a protest, the horrid Prop 22 is already gutting union jobs in favor of app-based gig workers. There is plenty to be cyberbullying our mayor and city council about, every day!

Hounding your local elected officials about the state of your neighborhood feels good. Typing up an eloquently worded takedown to Eric Garcetti sends a blooming rush of adrenaline through my body in a way being in the street with strangers cannot. I wouldn’t find myself standing up and yelling at a council meeting, but I can dunk on his tweets and bring visibility to his failures.

Rather than shy away from community work because I’m a homebody, I am trying to make this year one where I engage with my strengths. Email the mayor and our city council. Support those on the street with my dollars and my reach online.

We’re gonna watch Biden get sworn in soon, and more violence is inevitably coming. Instead of despairing, I’m gonna counter the inevitable feeling of helplessness with work. Let’s Get Involved.

In the spirit of getting back to Actually Writing again I am keeping this short!

Tweet at me, message me on discord[5]handle: candice ∞#3160. See you around!


1 Now that he got his name recognition, Mayor Pete got to cash in his DNC chips for transportation secretary. Twitter troll Neera Tanden is up for OMB director. I will stop there, u get the point.
2 which is about 10% of what countries less afraid of socialism are doing for their public
3 thank u twitter, facebook, and instagram
4 we surpassed 1 million cases lol fuck
5 handle: candice ∞#3160

introducing our first comix zine!

mint green cover, baby!

finally, a collection of our comix is available in print! this is a collab zine between yr friendly Monya Toma partners. it features panels from the past year about video games, bad brain stuff like anxiety, and meta work about the creative proces! bonus: cute illustrations.

most of the contents have only been available to candice’s fine patrons. it’s been a long time coming, but it feels good to have a physical record of a lot of the art we’ve been working on this year.

Quarantine Content: Jelle’s Marble Runs

quarantine content

So we’re maybe at the part of Quarantine where things feel sorta “normal” again. Much of the public seems to be over the whole Deadly Contagious Virus thing. I get it. We’re human, we are anxious and bored and have national cabin fever. We are scrambling to fill the gaps in our lives. And in the Before Times, people could turn to sports as a way to bond and blow off steam. Without sports, what are we to do?

I have two words for you: marble racing. Does that sound ridiculous? Sure. But after hours and hours of watching speeding glass balls in a variety of challenges, I’m convinced it’s the next great sport. Based on it’s soaring popularity, I am not alone. Don’t let marble runs pass you by.

What if you could have all the thrill, excitement, and community of major sports, but without the toxicity and boring parts? Friend, let me introduce you to Jelle’s Marble Runs. It’s got everything you’re looking for.