Month: May 2018

  • Shout Out to Ship to Shore

    One of the internet’s many facets of brilliance is how its given us access to music that was long unavailable due to format or interest. Ship to Shore Phono Co is a purveyor of records in that vein, mostly video game soundtracks and vintage movies. I’ve kept their store’s tab open lately because a lot […]

  • the best nintendo labo video in the world

    the best nintendo labo video in the world

    We are already pretty big fans of polygon dot com, especially the delightful and beautifully hilariousĀ Gill and GilbertĀ streams. so obvs I have to recommend this video, which features the delightful earworm that is the Wii theme thru a Nintendo Labo piano, made by by Brian David Gilbert! its been repeated (and imitated) approximately 300 times […]