thoughts on The Staircase and its portrayal of sexuality

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As a crime junkie, I’ve been meaning to watch The Staircase miniseries for what seems like forever. It is one of the more notorious did-he-do-it cases that the internet loves to argue about, but it’s never been particularly available until recently. (I mean, who has the Sundance Channel?) Luckily, Netflix has just released the follow up film and Jean-Xavier de Lestrade’s original as a series of episodes!

The basic facts of the case are enough to pull a viewer in: a husband/wife possible murder with a lot of blood, and a curious previous incident that seems crazy coincidental. My original feelings were that Michael Peterson was likely guilty, I wasn’t sure the series could possibly change my mind. It did, but also gave me an entirely unexpected reason to care. The reaction to Michael’s bi-sexuality was upsetting.