escaping twitter

open tabs
(or when u are forced to leave yr internet home because Nazis set it on fire)

in the 20 or so years I’ve resided on the internet, I’ve had many home bases online. More places than I can really recall, that I customized, curated, and contributed through. AIM. A band’s web forum. Livejournal. Xanga. Facebook. Twitter. For an introvert, sites that allowed personalization and interaction with others was a true gift allowing me to build meaningful friendships that I continue to treasure.

I’ve been on twitter since 2009, and increasingly it’s been the place I felt most comfortable, the space I used to share important thoughts. I get to follow friends and creatives I love and respect, participate in conversations with everyone in between, making jokes and feeling included. Twitter’s been formative in more than one personal relationship.

Internet home base has never stayed the same for more than a few years, butΒ in the past, transitions from one home to another were gradual and generally painless. the flow of my interests, where other people I enjoyed were primarily interacting, would dictate what my browser’s home page would be. there was never a lot of consternation about leaving Livejournal, I stopped checking it because others stopped updating. The internet cycle of death and rebirth has always felt pretty natural.

now in 2018 I find myself in a position of knowing it’s time to leave a platform. my internet home should no longer be twitter. the abuse issues are notoriously terrible, it’s actively working against what users want, and the ceo is at best feeding trolls and at worst sympathizing with the alt right. this is a bad site, and we should stop using it.