weekly yikes report for jan 21-27

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The government tantrum shutdown may be over, but the destruction to institutions and communties will linger on. Conglomerate media companies are shedding journalists, Roger Stone got indicted… where to start?

The Genius of AOC

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Did you know who Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was a year ago? I didn’t, and unless you’re a Bronx native or spend a lot of time drinking at restaurants in Union Square, you probably had no idea either.

When she won the Democratic primary and then went on to oust a 10-term incumbent, media focused in on AOC and how she managed to upend politics as usual. Her grassroots campaign focusing on economic justice and progressive values was part of the larger wave of leftward motion this election cycle. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in particular earns the most ire from Right Wingnuts on Twitter and its fascinating to watch them try attacking her, again and again, to no avail. Each time a troll posts about AOC, she gets stronger.

I believe it’s because Alexandria Oasio-Cortez is the Ideal Millennial, and everyone railing against her (from Right Wingnuts to Centrist establishment Dems) are terrified.

weekly yikes report for dec 31-jan 6

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It’s Yikes’ First Content Warning: Surviving R. Kelly premiered on Lifetime this week. Below there is discussion of sexual abuse and grooming.