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eldritch horror drawing of garfield and jon by the reddit user fine-line.
illo by reddit user /Fine-line

Reddit is the internet incarnate. An ocean of content with strange creatures lurking its murky depths and tons of garbage on top. It is both the best and worst of humanity, all available under one domain. As I wade through these treacherous waters, I’ll share the best gems you won’t find in /r/all.

Let’s Talk About Podcasts and Plagiarism

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Questionable ethics in this burgeoning medium is a bad foundation to build on.

For a media platform that has exploded as quickly as podcasts, we expect growing pains. Like when you were in high school and didn’t totally understand citing. You got a D and a “See Me” on a paper. Today, there are at least two podcasts with worldwide audiences using words that aren’t theirs, and making bank while pretending they are doing all of research. The responses of Crime Junkie and The Dollop to allegations of podcast plagiarism is distressing. They are extremely popular and influential shows setting a bad standard. Not only for the medium’s legitimacy, but for our own ethical consumption.