how do you fix the right wing kook problem?


i don’t want to be writing about mtg. or lauren boebert. even aoc! really, any particular congress critter.

we are already so invested in individual personalities, we memeify them and make their tweets, press releases and policies and into competitive games. it’s a symptom of the west wing brain disease that puts celebrity worship near the top of our maslow’s hierarchy. our country is worse off for it.

politicians are celebrities, and we love our celebs, don’t we folks? we put so much personal investment into people who are not our allies. celebrities have great class solidarity with other rich people. they are great at getting our attention, but generally pretty shit about having ideals or changing the status quo. love if this could change!!!

but really, we do need to talk about mtg. because if we don’t fucking change course she will be the next trump. not even two months into her term as a critter, it is clear[1]see: the snl skit, her growing donations that we’ve learned nothing.


1 see: the snl skit, her growing donations