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  • stop cop city

    stop cop city

    cop city represents everything wrong with our nation’s policing. power to the people – stop cop city!

  • the lowtax speedrun

    “Popularity is a double-edged sword.” – lowtax

  • state of the social media

    twitter won’t die, but it is going to rot for a while.

  • podcast recommendations

    podcast recommendations

    I am finally talking about podcasts! This is the latest of several attempts to get back to blogging, and a good way to do that is by writing low-stakes posts full of my opinions! How long has this been sitting in drafts, you ask? ((should I have published this during October? Quite possibly!)) Don’t worry about it!

  • haha, what now

    haha, what now

    remember four years ago

  • fig zine is now available!

    12 pages of facts about this amazing not-a-fruit!

  • the LAPD explosion

    the public deserves news, not copaganda. the refusal of media to report critically on police fuckups is it’s own violence.

  • how do you fix the right wing kook problem?

    i don’t want to be writing about mtg. or lauren boebert. even aoc! really, any particular congress critter. we are already so invested in individual personalities, we memeify them and make their tweets, press releases and policies and into competitive games. it’s a symptom of the west wing brain disease that puts celebrity worship near […]

  • coping thru memes

    uniting the internet with one cold elderly man. last week was notable partly for the inauguration of Biden, but also for the extremely innocent image of one Bernard Montgomery Sanders sitting in his winter coat[1]yes he just has the one coat! that shouldn’t be weird and cozy handmade mittens going hella viral. i didn’t think […]

  • Managing Expectations

    how to make 2021 less like 2020 Joe Biden has not yet been officially sworn in, but his admin has found ways to temper our expectations early. Between his proposed cabinet picks [1]Now that he got his name recognition, Mayor Pete got to cash in his DNC chips for transportation secretary. Twitter troll Neera Tanden […]