weekly yikes report for jan 28-feb 3

Facebook is paying teens for their privacy, while shutting down a transparent ad database. Two infuriating examples of America’s racism, plus civil forfeiture! Also Fuck TERFs.

weekly yikes report for jan 21-27

Facebook sponsored a ‘refugee simulation’ at Davos so rich people can LARP to know what suffering feels like, Mark Zuckerberg is totes the most normal human being ever, a cruel week for journalists, and lots more.

weekly yikes report for jan 15-jan 20

Jack inadvertently makes a great argument for Twitter getting deleted, our president is unable to love, Zuckerberg is a 21st Century Colonizer, we continue to be terrible to Native Americans and should all be ashamed.

weekly yikes report for dec 31-jan 6

Ellen insults the LGBTQ community by stanning for Kevin Hart, wizards used to shit everywhere, five million women in India formed a human chain.

weekly yikes report for dec 17-dec 23

in this week’s Yikes: Israel blocking vaccines from Palestine, international corruption abounds, Missouri man sentenced to monthly Bambi viewings, Scientology works that Streisand Effect™️and more!

weekly yikes report for dec 10-dec 16

this week in Yikes: John Kyl’s shadow lobbying, a session drummer charged with embezzlement, Offset is abusing Cardi B in public and everyone is cheering it on, the UCB needs to pay performers, @Jacks hot air balloon ride, and way more.