Quarantine Content: Jelle’s Marble Runs

So we’re maybe at the part of Quarantine where things feel sorta “normal” again. Much of the public seems to be over the whole Deadly Contagious Virus thing. I get it. We’re human, we are anxious and bored and have national cabin fever. We are scrambling to fill the gaps in our lives. And in the Before Times, people could turn to sports as a way to bond and blow off steam. Without sports, what are we to do?

I have two words for you: marble racing. Does that sound ridiculous? Sure. But after hours and hours of watching speeding glass balls in a variety of challenges, I’m convinced it’s the next great sport. Based on it’s soaring popularity, I am not alone. Don’t let marble runs pass you by.

What if you could have all the thrill, excitement, and community of major sports, but without the toxicity and boring parts? Friend, let me introduce you to Jelle’s Marble Runs. It’s got everything you’re looking for.