Shout Out to Ship to Shore

One of the internet’s many facets of brilliance is how its given us access to music that was long unavailable due to format or interest. Ship to Shore Phono Co is a purveyor of records in that vein, mostly video game soundtracks and vintage movies.

I’ve kept their store’s tab open lately because a lot of their vinyl is right up my alley:

Celeste: a crushingly hard platforming game with a brilliant chiptune soundtrack. I jam to this constantly: its multilayered and energetic, heartrending and just beautiful.

Mother and Mother 2(Earthbound): quirky NES/SNES RPGs from the genius brain of Shigesato Itoi. Earthbound is my favorite game of all time, so grabbing this on vinyl was a really big deal. Even the menu music is catchy as hell, and it’s a must-have if you dig chiptune type jams.

Martin: Martin is convinced he’s a vampire. He’s kind of a mopey loser,  and it’s one of George Romero’s best movies. The soundtrack is a total delight.

Ship to Shore also partnered with my pal Jon to bring the soundtrack of totally-awesome-video-games movie Joysticks the world.  BONUS: if you’re a MST3K fan, you can grab the Manos soundtrack!

Clearly the peeps over at S2S are music nerds, and I appreciate all that they do.