Everything is Different Now.

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This is just the beginning.

I had so many other essays to write. Our potential theocracy of a country, the rise of newsletter culture as traditional journalism dies, you know, light fare.

All of my thoughts and opinions on anything That Might Be can get tossed in the brain trash, because the entire world paradigm is shifting. The global health crisis we are living through is accelerating long needed discussions and laying bare the real concerns of the elite. Class war is looming thanks to Covid-19.

Beyond the Streisand Effect: Ellen and GWB

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“I thought once you got rich there’d be no consequences!”

I’m not sure exactly when the dam broke. One could argue social media played a role in the end of our collective disillusionment with celeb culture, consumerism, the whole thing. We’re a little jaded now. That’s an essay for another time.

People are louder about injustice, more aware of the state of the world. There is a growing movement for change (both in right and left-wing circles). A celebrity choosing class solidarity with a war criminal is a sign that above all, their allegiance is to the status quo and we cannot rely on them. Celebrities are not good, they are not our friends.