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  • Facebook: The Right-Wing Data Collection Company That Ruined The Internet

    and probably the world Facebook is terrible. This is not a controversial or edgy take to have in 2019. It’s an agreeable fact. They are a data collection site that also allows your mom to comment on your photos from college. Aka the worst of all possible Internets. It is a terrible website that has…

  • weekly yikes report for jan 28-feb 3

    Facebook is paying teens for their privacy, while shutting down a transparent ad database. Two infuriating examples of America’s racism, plus civil forfeiture! Also Fuck TERFs.

  • weekly yikes report for nov 25-dec 1

    Everything is happening So Much, all the time, and it’s hard to keep up. Did you realize we had the Olympics this year?? AND The golden state killer was finally arrested in April. I would’ve guessed both these huge events were at least two years ago. There was also: the former Russian agent and his…