introducing our first comix zine!

mint green cover, baby!

finally, a collection of our comix is available in print! this is a collab zine between yr friendly Monya Toma partners. it features panels from the past year about video games, bad brain stuff like anxiety, and meta work about the creative proces! bonus: cute illustrations.

most of the contents have only been available to candice’s fine patrons. it’s been a long time coming, but it feels good to have a physical record of a lot of the art we’ve been working on this year.

Quarantine Content: Jelle’s Marble Runs

quarantine content

So we’re maybe at the part of Quarantine where things feel sorta “normal” again. Much of the public seems to be over the whole Deadly Contagious Virus thing. I get it. We’re human, we are anxious and bored and have national cabin fever. We are scrambling to fill the gaps in our lives. And in the Before Times, people could turn to sports as a way to bond and blow off steam. Without sports, what are we to do?

I have two words for you: marble racing. Does that sound ridiculous? Sure. But after hours and hours of watching speeding glass balls in a variety of challenges, I’m convinced it’s the next great sport. Based on it’s soaring popularity, I am not alone. Don’t let marble runs pass you by.

What if you could have all the thrill, excitement, and community of major sports, but without the toxicity and boring parts? Friend, let me introduce you to Jelle’s Marble Runs. It’s got everything you’re looking for.

escaping twitter

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(or when u are forced to leave yr internet home because Nazis set it on fire)

in the 20 or so years I’ve resided on the internet, I’ve had many home bases online. More places than I can really recall, that I customized, curated, and contributed through. AIM. A band’s web forum. Livejournal. Xanga. Facebook. Twitter. For an introvert, sites that allowed personalization and interaction with others was a true gift allowing me to build meaningful friendships that I continue to treasure.

I’ve been on twitter since 2009, and increasingly it’s been the place I felt most comfortable, the space I used to share important thoughts. I get to follow friends and creatives I love and respect, participate in conversations with everyone in between, making jokes and feeling included. Twitter’s been formative in more than one personal relationship.

Internet home base has never stayed the same for more than a few years, but in the past, transitions from one home to another were gradual and generally painless. the flow of my interests, where other people I enjoyed were primarily interacting, would dictate what my browser’s home page would be. there was never a lot of consternation about leaving Livejournal, I stopped checking it because others stopped updating. The internet cycle of death and rebirth has always felt pretty natural.

now in 2018 I find myself in a position of knowing it’s time to leave a platform. my internet home should no longer be twitter. the abuse issues are notoriously terrible, it’s actively working against what users want, and the ceo is at best feeding trolls and at worst sympathizing with the alt right. this is a bad site, and we should stop using it.

Shout Out to Ship to Shore

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One of the internet’s many facets of brilliance is how its given us access to music that was long unavailable due to format or interest. Ship to Shore Phono Co is a purveyor of records in that vein, mostly video game soundtracks and vintage movies.

I’ve kept their store’s tab open lately because a lot of their vinyl is right up my alley:

Celeste: a crushingly hard platforming game with a brilliant chiptune soundtrack. I jam to this constantly: its multilayered and energetic, heartrending and just beautiful.

Mother and Mother 2(Earthbound): quirky NES/SNES RPGs from the genius brain of Shigesato Itoi. Earthbound is my favorite game of all time, so grabbing this on vinyl was a really big deal. Even the menu music is catchy as hell, and it’s a must-have if you dig chiptune type jams.

Martin: Martin is convinced he’s a vampire. He’s kind of a mopey loser,  and it’s one of George Romero’s best movies. The soundtrack is a total delight.

Ship to Shore also partnered with my pal Jon to bring the soundtrack of totally-awesome-video-games movie Joysticks the world.  BONUS: if you’re a MST3K fan, you can grab the Manos soundtrack!

Clearly the peeps over at S2S are music nerds, and I appreciate all that they do.


the best nintendo labo video in the world

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We are already pretty big fans of polygon dot com, especially the delightful and beautifully hilarious Gill and Gilbert streams. so obvs I have to recommend this video, which features the delightful earworm that is the Wii theme thru a Nintendo Labo piano, made by by Brian David Gilbert! its been repeated (and imitated) approximately 300 times already by Team Sullibin here at home.