Dungeons & Dragons is Good for My Mental Health

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NOTE: I am not a licensed therapist or psychologist. This essay is about my personal experience with D&D and how much it has helped my struggles. I believe everyone should go to therapy if they can. D&D is not a replacement for therapy, but I think it has great mental health benefits. Please speak to a professional if you can. Take care of yrself šŸ’–.

I have not been playing Dungeons & Dragons long. In more geologic timeframes, I am a newbie, a bandwagon-hopper who took an interest thanks to a well-crafted podcast and streams on Geek & Sundry. This, the 5th edition, is my first real experience with tabletop role-playing games in general. It is definitely one of those hobbies that once I started, it felt like something Iā€™d been doing forever.

Over a year in and hundreds of hours of Dungeons & Dragons under my belt, I’m a different (better) person. D&D has been wonderful for my mental health. Roleplaying has taught me lessons about interpersonal relationships that will stick with me forever. Thanks to this game where I pretend to be a teenage dragon who loves crystals and communing with nature, I’m more confident, willing to take risks and be part of a team.

weekly yikes report for nov 25-dec 1

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Everything is happening So Much, all the time, and it’s hard to keep up. Did you realize we had the Olympics this year?? AND The golden state killer was finally arrested in April. I would’ve guessed both these huge events were at least two years ago.

There was also: the former Russian agent and his daughter poisoned, the Parkland high school shooting, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got hitched (and fam’d up), France won the World Cup in Russia, the trade war started, Jamal Khashoggi was murdered, Bolsonaro was elected in Brazil, the synagogue shooting and MAGA mail bomber, and that’s just a quick scroll through Wikipedia! I am barely scraping the surface of Yikes that is constantly happening.

2018 has completely ruined our sense of time, so much that even weekly its hard to keep all the ridiculous news straight. I wanted to take space that isn’t the constant revolving door of twitter to highlight stories before they get swallowed up by the churning media tide.

Wether its weird right-wing twitter troll types or huge corporation news, foreign affairs or voter suppression in rural America, each of these stories effects the world in an important way. When I spend time on twitter, maybe I throw a choice line out about it. Maybe two. Here I can expand more on issues I think are important. Or I can point and laugh a little longer. The world needs balance.