weekly yikes report for dec 10-dec 16

If the podcast Dr. Death was of interest to you, this story of a Pasadena obstetrican is unfortunately in the same terrible vein. Over twenty women have accused Dr. Sutton of sexual misconduct and mistreatment. (Warning:  features graphic description of physical trauma.)  Listeners of Dr. Death will not be shocked by how admins at Huntington Memorial dealt with his reputation and allegations for a long time.  I hope these women get justice for all the pain they’ve been through. Just another man abusing his power in hideous ways!

Here’s a very Hollywood story: a high-profile studio drummer has been charged with embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars. Robin DiMaggio produced a charity concert for kids and instead of sending the money to the Bulgarian non-profit, he used the $750,000 to pay off his credit cards. He appears to have been been a fairly prolific session musician, playing with the likes of Paul Simon, Diana Ross, Daft Punk, and Tupac, among others. DiMaggio even played drums for Arsenio Hall’s second talk show.  But he seems to have some money issues, cuz he filed for bankruptcy in 2016.

DiMaggio is also apparently the composer of the LA Sheriff’s Dept theme song. Yeah. I watched about twenty seconds of that video and him explaining how the beginning of the song is like the star on the sheriff’s badge, and I’d like for DiMaggio to receive the maximum sentence.  Thank you LA Times reporter Maya Lau for this delightful news item. 

If the Upright Citizens Brigade means anything to you, prepare for some disappointment. This thread from Seth Simons outlines the ways in which the founders of the theater and improv royalty have poorly run a business that has emerged as a crucial piece of the comedy scene. There is a worthwhile discussion to be had about comedians unionizing, considering theirs is a profession that is almost entirely built on exploitative, unpaid labor. Its an industry that heavily favors the privileged who can afford to spend hours performing for free while also taking expensive classes. Seth lays it all out pretty well here.  Pay your performers. Treat your people well. 

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Here’s a convoluted bit of news involving Jerry Falwell Jr. Seems like he got involved in a business venture that fell apart and is now being sued and Michael Cohen is involved? Sorry, can’t devote more brain cells to this one! 

If you’re on Twitter, you may have come across this thread from CEO Jack Dorsey about his enlightening trip to Myanmar. Dude did a 10-day silent meditation and learned some things! One of them wasn’t who paid for his hot-air balloon trip, though. While Jack was discovering how to hack the deepest layer of his mind, people were upset he was traveling to a country rife with terrible violence. He assured everyone it was Purely Personal, but a deleted facebook post says otherwise. Looks like the government arranged for that hot air balloon ride, although Twitter says Jack didn’t know this. Cool company, good practices! 

I have been meaning to write about the fuckery in Wisconsin for a few weeks, but there’s been A Lot going on. It’s all coming to a head, now that soon-to-be-ex Governor Ham Sandwich has signed into law a new bill that weakens the incoming Governor’s powers and shifts control back to the legislature. Which is, of course, gerrymandered to shit and Republican-led, even though Democrats won a majority of the votes. I hope Scott Walker is pleased with his legacy of a creepy Instagram feed and managing to not get ousted in a recall election. Good riddance, ya turdface. 

Hey so remember how John McCain finally kicked it and he was replaced in the Senate by this dude John Kyl? Well its pretty clear he didn’t intend to stick around for long because Kyl’s still a registered lobbyist and still putting out lobbyist-style op-eds arguing for more nuclear weapons. The Intercept piece gives a rundown on his shadow lobbying and all the high-profile companies who are paying him the big bucks to push for corporate friendly agendas. Now that Kyl’s announced he’s resigning at the end of the year, we can prepare for Arizona to have two lady senators, cuz here comes Martha McSally! 

This is a shitty, sad story I want to highlight because we are constantly failing women of color, mostly black women, in so many ways. Donna Alexander started a business called the Anger Room for people to come and release anger on objects, instead of people. It’s so devastating and tragic that she was killed by her boyfriend, who beat her to death.

Donna spent her life advocating against domestic violence, and the Anger Room business was an idea she initially started out of her garage.  She was even looking to expand to other cities at the time of her death. Yet, she was unable to escape the violence in her own life.  If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic violence, know that the most dangerous time for them is when they are trying to leave the relationship. Please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline if you need to. (800) 799-7233.

*stretches muscles not used since her Just Bring the Drama days* Cardi B recently split from her husband Offset. Since that happened, he made an Instagram video where he apologized asked for her to take him back. Other artists (dudes, natch) have also taken up this mantle (no.) And now, this super public display. Offset crashed Cardi’s set yesterday at the Rollin’ Loud Festival, sending out out signs that read “Take Me Back Cardi” and appearing with flowers in hand, in order to continue the public shaming until she gives in. After ruining her set, he went to celebrate his birthday draped in gold. 

This is fucking abusive. It’s a public harassment campaign now. With the amount of attention this has gotten, it also reeks of publicity stunt. Looks like Cardi’s publicist and the festival itself were in on this nonsense. Cardi, fire your people! Its embarrassing and painful to watch the entire world around Cardi B harass her into a relationship when she clearly does not seem interested in rekindling with Offset. People all over the internet telling on themselves, defending this dude and saying Cardi should be thanking him, look he brought flowers to her job he’s so sweet! 

People continually normalize abuse and harassment. That’s how we get tragic stories like Donna Alexander. It doesn’t matter what job Cardi B used to have or how much Offset played a part in her new career. She doesn’t *owe* him a relationship. 

Tomorrow is the federal trial for Patricia Okoumou, who climbed the goddamn Statue of Liberty to protest the Trump admin’s jailing of children (7 year old Jakelin Caal died in custody) and now she may go to prison. Support Patricia if you are in NYC: 8AM, 500 Pearl St. She is a brave badass.

I’d ‘prefer’ if all the Netanyahus went to jail, so.