weird web: superbad dot com

I’ve been traversing around the internet for over two decades now, and I’ve never experienced anything quite like In an era of point-and-click web adventures and animated experiments, superbad is some weird hybrid of a game and a visual art portfolio.

Each visit to superbad dot com will be different from the last. The homepage art usually features multiple links to get started. Some pages, the apparent objective is simply to find a clickable link. Others are animated and require some trial-and-error to make your way through. Pages link back to each other and it will seem as though you are stuck in a loop of just a few pieces of art, but then suddenly you’ll get to a entirely new and bizarre page.

If you enjoy clicking your mouse and not knowing what will pop up, I definitely suggest letting yourself fall into the wormhole that is superbad dot com. Over a decade since I first stumbled upon it, this little URL continues to surprise me.

At this point, I cannot remember how I ended up on superbad, and I know nothing about whatever crazy genius put it together, but I’d like to thank them. It’s a delightful part of the weird web, a place I love coming back to. There’s nothing quite like the journey this site takes you on.