write more, worry less

write more, worry less

objectively, things seem bleak! the AI grift is flowing, media companies are folding and journalism is withering. small publishers are shutting down, art is getting gobbled up and thrown into a black hole by corporations.

the internet is looking rough. sites and apps we went to for connection are increasingly filled with bots creating pictures to get engagement from other bots.

its easy to imagine facebook, twitter, and instagram as mobiüs strips of computer generated content, AI generated tumbleweeds bouncing along, with no actual humans involved.

all i can do, as i retreat from the increasingly less satisfying social media landscape, is write. i need to process the decay of the internet somehow!

where are you? i am at home, collaging more, reading Victorian horror and investing in physical media so when the next streaming site gets purchased by Amazon i can still watch all the Fast and Furious movies whenever i want.

i’m on blusky[1]kinda. i deleted the app but maybe i just need a break!, i’m on patreon. you can find me on discord. but i think the nadir of social media has passed.

i don’t know what is next. i am a human who is pretty online! but i think i will transition to posting what i want to share on places i control, like this website. the last two decades have revolved so much around spaces that no longer exist. no tech billionaire can take monya toma dot com away, there is no algorithm to fuck me over. i can just make, and share.

if i am not online, hopefully i’m out in the world. watching the sunset, or a lizard, or checking out some moss or something.

or: maybe i am making some physical stuff, like a zine or some wood carvings. i hope to have more to share IRL soon.



1 kinda. i deleted the app but maybe i just need a break!