Facebook: The Right-Wing Data Collection Company That Ruined The Internet

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and probably the world

Facebook is terrible. This is not a controversial or edgy take to have in 2019. It’s an agreeable fact. They are a data collection site that also allows your mom to comment on your photos from college. Aka the worst of all possible Internets.

It is a terrible website that has ruined the Internet as we once knew it, and will go on to ruin everything else if we don’t stop it. They’ve secretly collected and sold our data. Damaged the psyche of millions, from the traumatized Content Moderators to the Boomers addicted to arguing about clickbait. Their lies about metrics skewed the entire internet toward an untenable trend that no one wanted, leaving a hollow shell of content to crumble in on itself.

The 2020 election in the US is looming, and Facebook seems as committed as ever to their laissez faire approach regarding political ads. They claim “free speech” but are much more concerned with promoting right wing content as legitimate. This is a dangerous time for the future of the internet.