haha, what now

haha, what now

remember four years ago

twitter was never great. there is no “golden age”, really. not the way i think of tumblr, or livejournal, or even facebook. twitter has always been needlessly navel-gazey, full of trolls, and prone to misinformation.

rather, unfortunately, its also where i’ve had the biggest voice online. i am not kidding myself here, 500 people is not that many. for a while, thought, it felt like i was actually reaching people who cared about the same things as me. people i admire actually saw (and maybe liked) my comics.

based on all the extremely dumb tweets streaming unfiltered from Chief Twit, it seems like we are very much watching the sharp, irreversible decline of the site. in addition to this, the algorithm has been increasingly unkind to minuscule artists like me posting their dog fart comics. maybe nothing will “replace” twitter. maybe i have to accept the fracturing of social media and this digital age. and move on.

panel one: a beautiful dog. panel two: she is stretching. panel three: fart.
the art i am compelled to share with the world!

i am not sappy enough to want to eulogize twitter or anything, but it isn’t always easy to deal with an internet home-base change. obviously, i’ve been thinking about it for years. i am an introvert by nature, but i still need community!

i really don’t know what to do, or what’ll happen. will places like mastodon or cohost populate with indie comics people, or journalists, or any of the other spheres i followed on twitter? my guess is no.

all i do know is: it will take time to accept this change. i’ve survived this shift before (i do wonder about some of my old LJ mutuals, hope u are all ok!!). the hope is to blog here, and maybe stand on an applebox on the street corner yelling out my url to spread the word.

we’ll see!

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